brabrand lake造句


  1. There are several alottments near Brabrand Lake and it is a popular recreational place.
  2. This includes the 30 kilometre long pathway of " Brabrandstien ", encircling the Brabrand Lake.
  3. The project involves the Brabrand Lake, the Aarhus River and the Aarhus Bay and is budgeted at ?45 million.
  4. The Aarhus River passes through Brabrand Lake and it is possible to canoe all the way to the inner city from here.
  5. Brabrand Lake to the west further contributes to this effect and as a result the valley has a very mild, temperate climate.
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  7. On the northern banks of Brabrand Lake, lies the facilities of " Brabrand Rostadion " ( Brabrand Rowing Stadium ).
  8. Several families, often based at the rivers'watermills, made a living from it with the Brabrand Lake as the most productive fishing spot.
  9. It is on the southern slopes of the broad and flat " Aarhus 興al " river valley, overlooking the Brabrand Lake and Aarhus River.
  10. In everyday parlance, " Brabrand Lake " is a general term including the surroundings as well, indicating a total area of around with for the lake alone.
  11. The groundwater beneath and adjoining Brabrand Lake, is very important, as it provides drinking water to more than 100, 000 people in the greater Aarhus area.
  12. In 1957 Knud Friis and his wife bought a 3000 m2 parcel of land on top of a hill overlooking Brabrand Lake and decided to build their new home there.
  13. South of Brabrand, in the Aarhus river-valley, is the largest recreational area of Aarhus Municipality, comprising the Brabrand Lake and the meadow-lake of 舝slev, with surrounding natural sites.
  14. A special Natura2000 protected area under the European Union, Brabrand Lake is home to a large variety of birds and an important resting-place for migrating birds, with several towers built to facilitate bird-watching.
  15. The lake is connected to a myth and folk story stating that Geding Lake, Brabrand Lake and " Lading Lake " was created during a battle between two giants that lived in the hills " Borum Esh鴍 ".
  16. The farm is situated in the suburb Stavtrup about 7-8 km . south-west of the city centre of Aarhus where it sits on a hill with a view of Brabrand Lake and the large urban areas on the other side of it.
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