1. The price tag for a Brabus makeover : $ 375, 000.
  2. Recently, his Majesty drives around in black Brabus G700.
  3. Brabus also includes many aesthetic changes to the standard E-Class.
  4. In 2012, BRABUS GmbH had started building its third factory in Bottrop.
  5. The seats were not heated as they are in the main brabus model.
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  7. Brabus also tuned the electronic components of the car.
  8. Brabus reconfigures M-B's t-make great cars even better.
  9. Brabus Widestar was later sold as conversion kit for X204 GLK built before June 2012.
  10. The Brabus version also features stronger clamping of the clutch plates and a faster gearchange.
  11. Automobiltuner Brabus baut drittes Werk in Bottrop
  12. Cover story looks at Brabus, a German company that launched the Benz aftermarket business in 1977.
  13. Both the Roadster and Roadster Coup?are available in Brabus-tuned versions with power increased to.
  14. Brabus managed to unleash 800 horsepower and 1420 Nm ( 1047 lb / ft ) from the V12.
  15. All examples feature arctic grey metallic paint with brown and alcantara leather interiors and black BRABUS Monoblock 7 wheels.
  16. Brabus became the largest Mercedes tuner, other than Mercedes-AMG which became a DaimlerChrysler affiliate in the 1990s.
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