1. A sugar engineer, Braby grew fruit on his selection until about 1894.
  2. Sandford also commissioned Lettice Sandford, his wife, and artist Dorothea Braby, to work on multiple books produced by the press.
  3. Occasionally coastal trading vessels enter the Cumberland Basin to be loaded with large steel silos manufactured by Braby Ltd at their nearby Ashton Gate works.
  4. "' David Macklin Braby Chapman "'( 12 September 1855  24 March 1934 ) was a first-class cricketer.
  5. Other manufacturers of corrugated iron churches in Glasgow included Braby & Company and R . R . Speirs who supplied 75 churches between 1908 and 1914.
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  7. A'Braby'pontoon dock was installed to allow easier boarding and light maintenance of the Short Solent flying boats that TEAL used at the time.
  8. South of Brisbane, the species is recorded along the Nerang River and the Mallangangee ( Braby 2000, Sands & New 2002, Sands & Scott 1997 ).
  9. Braby obtained the lease of selection number 640 in February 1881, for 10 years dating from January 1880, and he was issued with a deed of grant in 1886.
  10. A City branch was launched in 1995 and added to another series of merger deals-with debt recovery and insolvency firm Braby & Waller in 1998 and personal injury outfit Lorenzo Zurbrugg in 2003.
  11. The court records run to 367 pages, and Garrow was deeply involved as prosecuting counsel; indeed, his opening speech on 24 February 1806 is considered by Braby to be one of his best.
  12. The land on which Thorp's Buildings stands was purchased in 1881 by Ah Pong, although the first person recorded as trading from the site was Martin Braby who acquired the property in 1885.
  13. This door was intended for boarding from a Braby ( "'U "'- shaped ) pontoon that was used where there was a full passenger service mooring alongside a wharf or similar.
  14. According to the molecular phylogenetic study of Braby " et al . " ( 2005 ), sister group relationships among Pieridae subfamilies are ( ( Dismorphiinae + Pseudopontiinae ) + ( Coliadinae + Pierinae ) ).
  15. An August 1880 survey of Braby's selection does not show a causeway, although a road ( later Habana Wharf Road ) was surveyed in the middle of his selection, terminating near where the start of the causeway would later be located.
  16. On the management aspect of this unique park the project co-coordinator of the Namibia Coast Conservation and Management ( NACOMA ) project, Rod Braby, has stated that " The Dorob National Park is managed as a big open system with connections to the marine, coastal and escarpment areas.
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