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  1. Logic is a diverse and apparently flexible branch of thought, rather than being thought to underlie mathematics and reasoning, as previously.
  2. Ibn Kammuna's commentary on Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi's " Talwihat ", the core text of Illuminationist philosophy is deemed as one of the most thorough examination of that branch of thought.
  3. :: : : : I really have no'take'on this, as you put it, and it must be obvious from what I have written above that I have very little respect for utilitarianism as a branch of thought, or a guide to social policy.
  4. This branch of thought arose in the early 20th century in the context of the rise of the Third Reich in Germany and the accompanying political and ecclesiastical destabilization of Europe in the years before and during World War II . Neo-orthodoxy's highly contextual, dialectical modes of argument and reasoning often rendered its main premises incomprehensible to American thinkers and clergy, and it was frequently either dismissed out of hand as unrealistic or cast into the reigning left-or right-wing molds of theologizing.
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