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  1. "' Inertial electrostatic confinement "'is a branch of work on charged particles ( either ions or electrons ), heating them to fusion conditions.
  2. One recent branch of work exploring social constructivist perspectives on learning focuses on the role of social technologies and social media in facilitating the generation of socially constructed knowledge and understanding in online environments.
  3. Processing scenes of mass fatality or incidents of terrorism ( i . e . homicide, mass graves and war crimes, and other violations of human rights ) is a branch of work that forensic archaeologists are involved with as well.
  4. In addition to Spry's authoritative work on the Palliser Expedition, her research on how the Canadian prairies transitioned from a commons to open access resources and, finally, to private property helped extend a branch of work often well-known even beyond the disciplines of economics and history, for instance in the prominence given Innis and the staples thesis in Canadian communications thought.
  5. At the meeting held in the Masonic Hall to consider opening a branch in Pittsworth, the Darling Downs organiser, Mrs . Fairfax, explained that, " that the main object of members was to work for their sisters that were less fortunate than themselves, and spoke of the benefits of the reduced railway fares, the education of children out back, the homes at the seaside, and the bush nurses, and various other branches of work that is handled by the Association . " The first President was Mrs . H . C . Hodgson.
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