brand whitlock造句


  1. His successor, Brand Whitlock, continued Jones'reform efforts.
  2. When leaving Brussels, he handed over the legation to the US minister in Belgium Brand Whitlock.
  3. Some of the well known members of the club included Brand Whitlock, George Ade, and Finley Peter Dunne.
  4. For his first trip back to Paris from Ohio, he came with a letter of introduction from noted Toledo mayor Brand Whitlock.
  5. The journalists who specialized in exposing waste, corruption, and scandal operated at the state and local level, like Ray Stannard Baker, George Creel, and Brand Whitlock.
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  7. Dunbar also became a friend of Brand Whitlock, a journalist in Toledo who went on to work in Chicago, then became part of state government and had a political and diplomatic career.
  8. From his sick bed Brand Whitlock, the U . S . minister to Belgium, wrote a personal note on Cavell's behalf to Moritz von Bissing, the governor general of Belgium.
  9. One proposal to revive the three-cent piece was made in 1911, when Mayors Brand Whitlock of Toledo, Ohio, and Newton D . Baker of Cleveland sent a joint memorial to Congress urging its return.
  10. Belgian-American Relations were cemented when Brand Whitlock, as representative of the neutral United States, worked during World War I to bring humanitarian aid to help millions of Belgians in danger of starvation caused by the British blockade and the German occupation.
  11. Rafael Merry del Val, Brand Whitlock, Charles Lindbergh, George S . Patton, Bernard Montgomery, Dwight Eisenhower, Wesley Clark, Charles de Gaulle, Mstislav Rostropovich, Count Jacques Rogge, Prince Fulco Ruffo di Calabria and Prince Emmanuel de Merode.


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