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  1. Like recycled ones , these are much cheaper than brand - name products
  2. The pressure system chooses brand - name product . the design reaches high speed and energy saving
  3. Osmanthus brand 325 - mesh talc for cosmetics was titled the caliber product of state bureau of building materials and the brand - name product of guangxi
  4. The products are titled with brand - name and quality product of wuhan city , high - quality product of hubei province , high - quality product of metallurgical department and generally accepted brand - name product in china
    產品被譽為武漢市“名優產品” 、 “湖北省優質產品” 、 “冶金部優質產品”及“中國公認名牌產品”等稱號。
  5. This arrangement is expected to benefit manufacturers of brand - name products and those using proprietary technology , which can take advantage of hong kong ' s strong legal system and intellectual property protection regime
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  7. While clinging to its modern operation vision and sincere cooperation commitment , the company aims to satisfy customer demands to the greatest extent . the honors and awards granted to it include : national machinery - industry technique - advanced enterprise , civilized organization , quality - control advanced organization of fujian province , model informationization application enterprise in manufacturing industry of fujian province , customer - satisfied enterprise , etc . , and the hiace autobodies have been honored fujian brand - name product and customer - satisfied product
  8. We believe this will prompt some brand - name products to move their production lines to hong kong , or attract manufacturing processes with high - value added content or substantial intellectual property input , thereby promoting the restructuring and diversification of industries in hong kong towards the high value - added and high technology mode


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