brandon reilly造句


  1. Nebraska receiver Brandon Reilly stepped out of bounds, but reestablished himself as a player and caught the touchdown pass.
  2. "' Brandon Reilly "'is an American college football wide receiver for the University of Nebraska 2015 season.
  3. Formed in 2004, the band currently consists of original founder vocalist Brandon Reilly, guitarist Joseph McCaffrey, and drummer Michael Fleischmann.
  4. In 1998, Lacey along with Garrett Tierney, Brian Lane and Brandon Reilly formed The Rookie Lot, who would self-release a split EP as well as a demo-tape.
  5. Tommy Armstrong, Drew Brown, Andy Janovich, Brandon Reilly and Jordan Westerkamp all produced career days to lead Nebraska to a 36-28 win over Southern Miss on Homecoming at Memorial Stadium.
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  7. Nebraska's comeback included a trio of fourth quarter touchdown passes from Armstrong to Alonzo Moore, Brandon Reilly and Stanley Morgan Jr ., and a pair of two point conversion passes to Jordan Westerkamp and Cethan Carter.
  8. Imani Cross had 18 carries for 98 yards and a TD while Jordan Westerkamp had the top day for the receivers with 9 catches for 143 yards and a TD . Brandon Reilly added three catches for 87 yards and the game-winning touchdown.
  9. Most of the members of The Movielife went on to form other bands; Vinnie Caruana formed I Am the Avalanche, Brandon Reilly formed Nightmare of You, in which Phil Navetta also played briefly, but has since left and currently resides in Queens, NY . Dan Navetta went on to form Heavy Rescue.


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