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  1. Clinical observation of huanhen breathing exercises on depressive psycho - symptom
  2. “ i practice qigong breathing exercise for fitness sake , ” he said
    唐說: “為了保持體力,我一直在練習氣功呼吸。 ”
  3. Combined therapy of breathing exercise and oryzanol in treating 65 patients of insomnia
  4. Alternate " patting on the back " with deep breathing exercise and coughing up the sputum
  5. It is positive thinking method to use breathing exercises to reduce your body ' s physical and mental stress
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  7. Change body positions frequently , sit upright when eating , increase fluid intake and perform deep breathing exercises
  8. Change body positions frequently , sit upright when eating , increase fluid intake and perform deep breathing exercises
  9. Students will learn the postures , breathing exercises and meditation techniques taught using an eclectic blend of hatha yoga traditions
  10. Most yoga practices in the west focuses on the physical postures called " asanas , " breathing exercises called " pranayama , " and meditation
    大多數西方的習練者都關注體式asanas ,呼吸控制法pranayama和冥想。
  11. Shanghai linzi counseling centre said workers should participate in more leisure activities , learn breathing exercises or take up meditation to relax
  12. Breathing exercises are another handy tool . one of the more advanced yoga poses , the supported headstand , also can be used to calm the brain and relieve stress
  13. There are many different forms of yoga . the most widely practiced form of yoga in the western world is hatha yoga , which uses specific postures and breathing exercises
  14. After breakfast there are stretching and breathing exercises . an open window ensures there is plenty of fresh air , because farooq believes it makes the brain sharper
  15. Teacher : alrighty . we ' re gonna start with some basic third stage breathing exercises , so mummies , why don ' t you get on your back ? and … coaches , you should be supporting mummy ' s head
  16. Today , the traditional chinese health preservation methods , such as taijiquan boxing ( or shadow boxing ) , static qigong breathing ( or controlled deep breathing exercise ) and therapeutic massage , are gaining increasing importance
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