1. The vehicle's brakes were out of adjustment, Breece said.
  2. Ehrenberg was assigned to one led by Captain Thomas H . Breece.
  3. Starting in 2012, sports reporter Brandon Kamerman took Breece's spot.
  4. State Trooper Richard Breece said the brakes on the bus were out of adjustment.
  5. Breece said the charges, all misdemeanors, may change depending on what the investigation reveals.
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  7. Crown Capital Corp . was founded in 1985 by R . William Breece Jr ., a lawyer.
  8. Mike Breece of the Sabal Palm House Bed & Breakfast in Lake Worth shares these suggestions:
  9. Breece said that Gonzales used several aliases and that warrants had been issued in Texas for his arrest.
  10. Luckily Miss Breece's story is finally seeing the light, for she is an unforgettable character indeed.
  11. All 14 survivors were hospitalized, four of them in critical condition, State Patrol Trooper Richard Breece said.
  12. All 14 survivors were hospitalized, eight of them in critical condition, State Patrol Trooper Richard Breece said.
  13. Wright was arrested because it might be difficult to file charges once he leaves the state, Breece said.
  14. Miss Breece assures us of the villagers to whom she was bringing the benefits of their still recently acquired Americanness.
  15. The charges, all misdemeanors, could be changed, depending on the investigation, said state Trooper Richard Breece.
  16. Two other suspects, whose names were not released, are still at large, said FDLE Special Agent Michael Breece.
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