breeding animal造句

"breeding animal"是什麽意思   


  1. this order of priority may result in breeding animals failing to maintain themselves .
  2. a breeder means a person who breeds animals
  3. apply zn micronutrient to breed animals
  4. the government says meat and milk from cloned animals is just as safe as normally bred animals
  5. it says clones are expected to be used mostly as breeding animals to spread desirable qualities
  6. It's difficult to find breeding animal in a sentence. 用breeding animal造句挺難的
  7. it says clones are expected to be used mostly as breeding animals to spread desirable qualities
  8. the daughters of the best canadian sires average 988 kgs . more milk in their first lactation as compared to the locally bred animals
  9. the mastiff may not only be the most expensive dog in the world, it is also among the rarest, with just 100 pure-bred animals believed to exist
  10. the pigs are also leaner and since fat is an essential tissue for reproduction, care must be taken to conserve body tissue in breeding animals
  11. article 36 those who intend to introduce breeding animals and their semen, embryos and breeder eggs from another place in the country shall first apply to the supervising agency for animal epidemic prevention of the locality for examination and approval of quarantine and shall be subject to quarantine inspection
  12. thus, in his magnificent manor in akehouse, stonehenge, forty-five minutes drive from london, sting, as a true gentleman farmer, is surrounded by a real court of animals : pigs, sheep, horses, dogs . . . and not for the purpose of breeding animals, but for raising . . .


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