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  1. The Danish Sport Pony Breeding Association began breeding for the pony in the 1970s.
  2. They formed the Thorncliffe Park Racing and Breeding Association Ltd . to operate the track.
  3. Baker, in an unusual move, spurned traditional cat-breeding associations.
  4. The best young stallions receive a temporary license which is accepted by all of the south-German breeding associations.
  5. The state's cattle breeding associations said they would take their case to the European Court of Justice if necessary.
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  7. The grounds of the state stud host stallion parades and the month-long stallion performance test for the regional breeding association.
  8. The first stallions were evaluated according to breed standard in 1888, the same year the Cooperative Jutlandic Breeding Association was created.
  9. In the mid 1970s, after many of the original Ragdoll breeders left, Ann Baker decided to spurn traditional cat breeding associations.
  10. Nonetheless, In 1946, the horse breeding association of Laihia purchased Eri-Aaroni to stand at stud for the unpreceded price of two million Finnish marks.
  11. Sandro Hit is approved for breeding by the Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Rhinelander and Westphalian studbooks, along with all southern German, Swedish, Danish, and French breeding associations.
  12. The Swedish Forest Tree Breeding Association at K鋖lstorp produced triploid and tetraploid forms of the tree, but these proved no more resistant to Dutch elm disease than the normal diploid form.
  13. Bavaria has begun slaughtering imported cows to prevent an outbreak of mad cow disease, while cattle breeding associations opposed to the mass kill promised Thursday to try to stop it in court.
  14. In early 2008, Boerboel International was formed by a group of serious Boerboel breeders who were not satisfied with the direction the leading Boerboel breeding association at the time, SABT, was taking.
  15. In 1946 the horse breeding association of Laihia made an offer to purchase him from Buttenhoff, despite the fact that the horse population in Laihia was already widely influenced by his sire, Murto.
  16. Chuck Sword, who has a cattle ranch in Williamson, said he's read about similar research in Texas and Australia and some cattle breeding associations are taking a " serious look " at temperament scoring systems.
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