bridge arch造句

"bridge arch"是什麽意思   


  1. Construction technique of back pouring of tie rod arch bridge arch rib steel pipe concrete
  2. At kangpai , while all resources are converged in surge and the gigantic bridge arch hanged like the rainbow , the substance side is linked with the spirit side finally
  3. The porous ceramics is composed of lots of bridge arch - shaped microspores that connected and well - distributed inside the material . when the fluid passes through these pores , the suspended matters , colloid particles and big molecular organic substances are withheld or absorbed to the inner surface of the pore , and result in filtration , purification adn even - dispersion , high strength , good resistance to abrasion , high temperature and corrosion , no pollution , long workinglife , and easy to regenerate , the porous ceramics are available for filtration and fluidization of variou gas and liquid
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