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  1. Another 200 people work at a Bristol Aerospace Ltd . plant in Winnipeg that supplies parts to the Boeing plant.
  2. The Bristol Aerospace Ltd . unit is the largest aerospace company in Western Canada, employing 900 people to make gas turbine, rocket and missile engines and repair and overhaul aircraft.
  3. CAE Aviation rivals include Toronto-based Magellan Aerospace Corp ., which purchased Bristol Aerospace Ltd . last month to expand its repair and overhaul business, Montreal-based Bombardier Inc . and Toronto-based Spar Aerospace Ltd.
  4. "Defense budget cuts have forced Canada to sell their recently upgraded F-5 fighters, " says a sticker on one of the planes, originally designed by the Northrop Corp . ( now Northrop Grumman ) of Los Angeles but modernized by Bristol Aerospace Ltd . of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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