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  1. Among the earliest works which PWD had carried out were British Residency building and roads.
  2. Instead, Britain has offered them a stamp in their travel documents guaranteeing them British residency.
  3. This road is so named because it used to be the area of British Residency.
  4. He was kept in the Central India Agency jail in the British Residency area at Indore.
  5. There is a Circuit house on a hill near the lake that used to be British Residency.
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  7. His brother Wieland was refused a British residency permit in 1939 and, with his family, left for the United States.
  8. It was damaged during the Second Anglo-Afghan War when the British Residency was burned down, then later when the armoury exploded.
  9. The British Residency at Lucknow, to which Lawrence withdrew, was then the scene of the Siege of Lucknow until November 1857.
  10. 155 years ago, an ordinary man from Begum Bazar in the city mobilized 6, 000 people to attack the British Residency.
  11. Last month civil servant Steve Moxon told a newspaper that immigrants from Eastern European countries had been granted British residency without proper checks.
  12. In 1947, following the end of the war and subsequent Indian independence, the British residency of the Persian Gulf moved to Manama from Bushire.
  13. A British residency was officially installed in Bhutan, with a resident deputed from the Indian Political Service and answerable to the British government in India.
  14. Britain suspended some immigration applications from Bulgaria and Romania on Tuesday, as it investigated claims that officials had granted people British residency without proper checks.
  15. The subsequent debates and political jockeying over the succession involved many of the rulers of the Trucial States as well as the British Residency Agent.
  16. Articles 6 and 10 authorised the British Residency in the Persian Gulf to act as maritime police to administer the treaty's conditions and resolve tribal disputes.
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