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  1. Bruno Aguiar was signed by Heart of Midlothian Football Club in January 2006, after being released by SL Benfica.
  2. Zahovic scored his first goal in the 21st minute after a through ball from Bruno Aguiar gave him time to slot the ball past substitute goalkeeper Davino Verhulst.
  3. After the signing of Bruno Aguiar, Brellier was used more often as a substitute and, in an April 2006 interview, he suggested he was unhappy with the treatment he had received.
  4. Hearts lost a goal inside the 1st minute from Venegoor of Hessilink but equalised before half time from an outstanding freekick from Bruno Aguiar, gaining Hearts another point from the Old Firm.
  5. Hearts lost an early goal from Danny Invincible but a Calum Elliot brace and a Bruno Aguiar strike made Hearts comfortable winners, securing a top six finish, which they failed to achieve the previous season, the only time in the clubs history.
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  7. In October 2005 Mr Romanov became the majority shareholder of Scottish Premier League side, SPL side to loan many players, such as Edgaras Jankauskas, Bruno Aguiar, Andrius Veli ka, Nerijus Barasa, Marius } alikkas and Roman Bedn醂, the latter signing a permanent deal for Hearts on 31 August 2006.


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