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  1. "' Bruno Banani "'is a German fashion company with headquarters in Chemnitz.
  2. Subsequently, Semi had his name legally changed to " Bruno Banani ".
  3. As an underwear model, Hatton has modeled for Bruno Banani, DeadGoodUndies, Mundo Unico, and many other brands.
  4. In the Saxon town of Mittelbach, Bruno Banani Underwear has carved out a name for itself in designer underwear.
  5. Bruno Banani, the German fashion company, has developed a line of swimwear based on Yeager's designs from the 1950s.
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  7. On 11 March 2009, Bruno Banani launched a product range using the eco-friendly fiber Biophyl from Advansa with class 1 Oeko-tex standard rating.
  8. Stephan's entered international competition a year after another German-based Tongan, luge slider Bruno Banani, made the Tongan debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
  9. Prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics, German media took an interest in a Tongan luger training in Germany, who was apparently also called Bruno Banani.
  10. Each of the models will have to pose with some of the contestants from the previous cycle, Marta, Michalina and MichaB, to recreate a Bruno Banani campaign.
  11. Karolina P . is deemed to have done the best job, and is rewarded with a box full of Bruno Banani cosmetics and a voucher worth 2000zB.
  12. Semi was eventually selected as Tonga's candidate to compete in the Games, and was presented by his German sponsors under a new name, " Bruno Banani ".
  13. He confirmed, however, that if Semi qualified for the 2014 Olympics and if his passport did indeed bear the name " Bruno Banani ", the IOC would be unable to prevent him from competing under that name.


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