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  1. Reviews by Tom Vasel, Bruno Faidutti, Scott Nicholson and Greg Schloesser helped create early awareness for " Gift Trap " in the run up to its first holiday season.
  2. In 2007 " Gift Trap " won party game of the year in France by Bruno Faidutti and Best New Party Game 2008 and placed in the Games 100 by Games ( magazine ) in the USA
  3. ""'Mystery of the Abbey " "'is a board game designed by Bruno Faidutti, illustrated by Julien Delval, Emanuel Roudier and Cyrille Daujean as graphic designer.
  4. The five games are : a magic game by Richard Garfield, a political game by Bruno Faidutti, a battle game by Richard Borg, an auction game by James Ernest, and a science-fiction game by Mike Selinker.
  5. ""'Diamant " "'is a multiplayer card game designed by Alan R . Moon and Bruno Faidutti, published in 2005 in Germany by Schmidt Spiele, with illustrations provided by J鰎g Asselborn, Christof Tisch, and Claus Stephan.
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