brush by造句

"brush by"是什麽意思   


  1. He brushed by without noticing me .
  2. When he opened the door the cat ran out and brushed by his legs
  3. The trees across the lake merged in a soft mist as their reflections are brushed by a breeze
  4. So , instead of creating a null _ brush , i created a pattern brush by using a chunk of bitmap from where the edit control is going to be shown
    所以我不是創建了一個null _ brush ,而是通過用編輯框所在區域的位圖創建了一個模式刷。
  5. He sprang to the corner of the brick store . the next moment two men brushed by him , and one seemed to have something under his arm . it must be that box
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  7. Its most notable masterworks include a portrait sculpture of cloistered emperor kameyama and a document brushed by the emperor himself wishing for prosperity of the temple
  8. Stiff breezes thwarted repeated efforts to set the flags ablaze with a blowtorch until an emergency management official doused the flags with rum . hurricane wilma flooded about 3 , 700 of the island ' s 15 , 000 residences with a foot or more of water in october and the resort island off the southern tip of florida was also brushed by hurricanes dennis , rita and katrina
    據路透社12月1日報道,基韋斯特島是位于美國佛羅里達州最南端外海上的一個旅游度假勝地,在今年10月份,威爾瑪颶風使得該島1 . 5萬所住房中的3700所被淹,屋內水深達到了1英尺以上。


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