1. Bukey also challenged the prosecution's characterization of Miller.
  2. Bukey, however, said no conspiracy existed.
  3. His first rebellions took place against Zhangir-Kerey Khan of the Bukey Horde.
  4. Wallace's Seattle-based attorney, David Bukey, did not return messages.
  5. David Bukey, one of Miller's attorneys, bowed his head and cried at the verdicts.
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  7. Wallace's Seattle-based attorney, David Bukey, also did not return messages seeking comment.
  8. He was born in 1823 in the Bukey Horde ( nowadays Zhanakala District, West Kazakhstan Region ).
  9. Alshafei declined comment at a U . S . District Court hearing Thursday through his attorney, David Bukey.
  10. Alshafei's lawyer, David Bukey, did not immediately return calls by The Associated Press Tuesday afternoon.
  11. Bukey said the government's case tested limits that a jury is willing to go to assess personal responsibility.
  12. As the Kazakh SSR was formed with Bukey Horde as the most remoted its western part, situated geographically in Europe.
  13. In the beginning of the 19th century, Kazakhs shifted some to the west, to Astrakhan Governorate, forming Bukey Horde there.
  14. It occurred so quickly, Bukey suggested, that no amount of safety training may have been able to stop a loss of lives.
  15. He passed reams of wiretap applications and agent affidavits to Bukey, claiming the paperwork shows that Alshafei could flee the country if released.
  16. Miller was willing to interrupt important meetings to take a telephone call from a ship's cook stranded and without money, Bukey said.
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