bureau members造句

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  1. Vaughn told a group of Farm Bureau members in the strategy session.
  2. Franck Timmermans, political bureau member, told Le Monde, referring to potential legal battles.
  3. Several programs and services are offered to Texas Farm Bureau members.
  4. Each working group will be chaired by a bureau member.
  5. Furthermore the Council elects all the other Bureau members.
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  7. Another bureau member is Temptations, a downtown strip joint.
  8. ARF Bureau members, specifically Simon Vratsyan, Ruben Ter Minasian and Ruben Darbinian, opposed Shahan Natalie's operation.
  9. The medals were presented by Nicole Hoevertsz, member, Aruba and Qiuping Zhang, Bureau Member of FINA.
  10. Soon thereafter he became a bureau member of the SKJ District Committee for Kosovo and Metohija.
  11. Therefore, in consultations with political bureau members, Hamas decided to elect Mr . Mishaal as successor.
  12. Zialcita said the bureau allows links from the news media, government agencies, schools and bureau members.
  13. He headed party s third conference and became its bureau member and chief of its Law Commission.
  14. "I'm going broke, " said Chris Peterson, an Iowa farmer for 26 years and a bureau member.
  15. For Casey and his fellow Blanco County bureau members, such things are better suited to other roads.
  16. The 17 bureau members had voted by mail on the appeal which was carried by a majority.
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