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  1. The data in this chapter are provided by nbs survey office in chongqing , according to data of municipal bureau of agriculture , municipal bureau of forestry , municipal bureau of water conservancy , municipal administration of township - owned enterprises and nbs survey office in chongqing
  2. The training program lasted 3 days and more than 40 leaders and key technical personnel including 10 female representatives from the prefectural bureau of finance , the bureau of agriculture , the womens federation and from the bofs , boas , wfs and project offices of 8 counties or cities participated
  3. Under the ministry of agriculture , the sfagm project office under cida , department of agriculture and animal husbandry under imar , the food drug administration under imar , the inner mongolia agricultural university , the hohhot city bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry , horinger county party committee and county government , mengniu company , horinger county bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry , as well as animal - raising districts , milk stations and cow - raising associations
  4. The biogas research institute under the the ministry of agriculture , and the pengzhou bureau of agriculture . he investigated some issues in sichuan such as the tissue culture of virus - free seed potato , technology extension and construction of energy in the rural areas
  5. In the morning , as soon as they got off the plane , lu ming and his party hurried to pengzhou . accompanied by liu hanyuan , vice - mayor of pengzhou city and yao minshuang , director of the bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry , lu and his party visited chaoyang village of junle town and shiquan village of aoping town to investigate the pilot reform of the agricultural technology extension system
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  7. From april 17 - 20 , 2006 , as coordinated by the santai local project office of the china - canada small farmers adapting to global markets sfagm project , a total of 9 persons - in - charge from the mianyang bureau of agriculture , the institute of agricultural science of mianyang , as well as agricultural pilot townships and cooperative enterprises of santai county participated in a training workshop on promoting the canola industry , which was organized by the office of rapes under hubei department of agriculture
    2006年4月17 - 20日,來自綿陽市農業局綿陽市農科所三臺縣農業局示范鄉鎮及合作企業的負責人共計9人在中加農業合作小農戶項目辦三臺地方辦公室的協調下參加了由湖北省農業廳油菜辦公室組織的雙低油菜產業推廣培訓。
  8. In promoting the canola industry , hubei province set up a special agency to coordinate among various stakeholders of the industry , emphasizing the quality of the products at the sources and forbidding the selling of non - canola seeds in hubei ; with regard to the links of production , it was suggested that the local bureaus of agriculture organize technical trainings as required
  9. Leaders from the santai county bureau of agriculture showed their strong interest in the intensive development of the canola industry . after having an in - depth discussion with experts over relevant issues , they decided to work out a plan for inviting merchants , attracting powerful enterprises to launch an intensive development and make full use of their local advantages and resources


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