1. Fifteen years later, part of the Angelini Steelworks was transferred to Buttrio in Italy.
  2. Premariacco borders the following municipalities : Buttrio, Cividale del Friuli, Corno di Rosazzo, Manzano, Moimacco, Pradamano, Remanzacco.
  3. "You see, when I decided to become a writer I was directing a perfectly awful musical in New York, ` Buttrio Square .'I was 34 at the time.
  4. Under her direction, the family business went on to include among its products completely furnished steel plants and have bases in the United States and Italy as well as in Buttrio, near Udine.
  5. Today, the Danieli Group has three main factories-Youngstown, US ( Danieli Wean and Danieli United ), Smedjebacken, Sweden ( Danieli Morgardshammer ), Buttrio, Italy ( Danieli & C ).
  6. It's difficult to find buttrio in a sentence. 用buttrio造句挺難的
  7. The company she ran, Danieli Group, from her family's hometown of Buttrio in northern Italy, developed in the 1950s from a small manufacturer of scissors and shears to a supplier of compact steel mills to small Northern Italian steelmakers that mainly supplied the steel reinforcing bars that were the sinews of postwar Italian reconstruction.


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