buy life造句


  1. So how long before consumers can buy Life Savers screen savers?
  2. Only a human bridegroom would buy life insurance for his bride,
  3. Term insurance is the cheapest way to buy life insurance.
  4. Those villagers also have been encouraged to buy life insurance.
  5. I think banks will fall all over themselves to buy life insurance companies.
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  7. Still, he acknowledged that Lincoln was poised to buy life and annuity companies.
  8. For example, many parents buy life insurance, naming their children as beneficiaries.
  9. The insurance industry said some consumers buy life insurance for other reasons, including:
  10. Mortgages lenders often require prospective homeowners to buy life policies before they take out mortgages.
  11. You may also be able to buy life insurance for a spouse or your children.
  12. If ever there were a time to buy life insurance, this is the time.
  13. In 2013 Thermo Fisher agreed to buy Life Technologies for $ 13.6 billion.
  14. In April 2013, Thermo Fisher Scientific reached an agreement to buy Life Technologies Corporation.
  15. In short, the increasingly middle-class Witnesses would do well to buy life insurance.
  16. I make those allowable $ 10, 000 gifts every year and I buy life insurance,
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