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  1. Their values were posted by brand evaluation
  2. Sale by brand and or description
  3. More men search by brand - - 34 percent - - compared to 25 percent of women
    男性會比女性更多地采用商標檢索,男性占34 % ,女性為25 % 。
  4. Five - wire or four - wire resistive touch screens are integrated by brand - name lcd
  5. The profit is more supported by brand margin when facing the market of product homogeneity
  6. It's difficult to find by brand in a sentence. 用by brand造句挺難的
  7. Presents a large selection of premium brand name watches . search by brand , style , or price range
  8. Any business partners who are renewed in the consecutive year should complete the minimum skill requirement specified by brand before new agreement is signed off
  9. I am going to take a look at the industry brand by brand and high level boot by boot and see what is going on and how things need to change
  10. For the first time , the customer can see the transaction recorded ? and gets a receipt on which every item he or she has picked out is printed by brand name , its price , even the time of purchase
    顧客首次看到所購物品被登錄? ?還能拿到一張收據,收據上明細地列出他所買商品的商標、價格,就連購買時間也列出。
  11. Ritual scarring by branding and burning is commonplace amongst the battle brothers of the salamanders , and trials of walking over burning coals and carrying red - hot metal bars are held frequently
  12. The splendid steed gallops because of bole , i need your recognition and the approval , if you can give me an opportunity , i can request strictly oneself , by brand - new appearance welcome magnificent tomorrow
  13. London s famous landmarks , will form a breathtaking backdrop to the games in 2012 , complemented by brand new facilities in the new olympic park , including the olympic stadium and the aquatics centre
    倫敦的名勝古跡將為2 0 1 2年奧運會的舉辦提供令人心動的背景,嶄新的奧林匹克公園包括體育場和水上運動中心等將為奧運提供最新的設施。
  14. At present , chuyi hotel strengthens to management and perfect all installations by brand - new posture , will make great efforts to cooperate with the strategic policy of " to make flourishing city by travel industry " which was suggested by chaozhou government
  15. They matter a great deal to generic companies active in the us generic markets because they represent another tool used by branded companies to prolong their period of market control as patent expiry approaches
  16. Guided by brand recognition , “ marketing magic cube for school brandtm ” of three - men try to achieve the expected goals by spreading brand culture , stimulating brand imagination , consolidating brand memory , communicating in depth and forming brand loyalty
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