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  1. The trials were conducted fairly by Brevet Colonel John Garland and by Colonel Bennet Riley.
  2. The same General Order appointed him Major General by Brevet, as of the same date.
  3. For his distinguished service in California, he was promoted to Captain, and then Major, by brevet.
  4. He became major in the Marines in 1791, and lieutenant colonel, and colonel by brevet in 1794.
  5. In 1811, Hill was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel by brevet in the British army.
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  7. For distinguished conduct and public service, he was appointed brigadier general, by brevet, on July 13, 1900.
  8. Hardinge entered the Sikh capital Lahore on 20 February and Currie, assisted on military matters by Brevet-Major Beas.
  9. In recognition of his long and distinguished service, he was, in September 1783, promoted by brevet to major general.
  10. It does not include legislation pertaining solely to appointments to that grade in the non-permanent establishment, or by brevet.
  11. Following a special decision of the US Congress, he was commissioned in September 1783 lieutenant colonel by brevet by the Continental Army.
  12. However, because Daggett was a brigadier general by brevet rank only, Ames was the last full-ranked Civil War general to die.
  13. As a result of this decision, Ripley owed the United States a sum of money that he had expended while serving as a Major General by brevet.
  14. In March 1841 he joined the horse artillery, and became a second captain in April 1844, and major by brevet on selling out in October 1846.
  15. On 4 June 1814 Campbell was promoted colonel in the army by brevet, and on 25 July made a captain and lieutenant-colonel in the Coldstream Guards.
  16. As a result of the event, Davis was never raised from brigadier general to the rank of major general in the regular Army although he held the rank by brevet.
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