by the aid of造句

"by the aid of"是什麽意思   


  1. He crossed the river by the aid of a tree .
  2. Optimizing favourable coalbed methane exploration target area by the aid of gis
  3. The author attempts to do some superficial research on that by the aid of m - f model
  4. These he had arranged for by the aid of one of his newspaper friends on the " times , " mr . harry mcgarren , the managing editor
  5. The microstructure , element analysis of films were carried out by the aid of tem , rd , and xps
    用xrd , tem , xps等測試手段對薄膜的成分、元素的化學狀態、晶體結構以及形貌等進行了分析測試。
  6. It's difficult to find by the aid of in a sentence. 用by the aid of造句挺難的
  7. In this thesis , two time domain numerical solution approaches have been deduced by the aid of computational mathematics and circuit theory
  8. With the popularization of putonghua , the demand for testing and learning by the aid of computer is even more and more intensive
  9. She was quite disturbed for the moment as to her appearance , but soon satisfied herself by the aid of the mirror , and went below
  10. And i noticed another , by the aid of my nostrils ; a fragrance of stocks and wallflowers wafted on the air from amongst the homely fruit trees
  11. However , reverting to the original , there were on the other hand others who had forced their way to the top from the lowest rung by the aid of their bootstraps
  12. Through some activities , students will practice step by step to improve their writing skills in native language , and then crate their own stories and share their works with others by the aids of it
    童話是兒童喜歡的文學作品,眾多研究指出兒童習寫童話能發揮創意,增進寫作能? 。
  13. Beloved child was helpful in restoring me to myself , i will be helpful now in restoring the dearest part of herself to her ; by the aid of heaven i will do it
    當初我心愛的女兒幫助我恢復了健康,現在我也要幫助她恢復跟她一體的最親愛的那個部分。我要靠上天的幫助完成這一工作! ”
  14. By the aid of the research methods of literature , questionnaire etc , it analyzed competitive gymnastics the second and the third step troops developments circumstance
  15. In this dissertation , by the aid of digital image processing techniques , several detecting algorithms and the image fire detection systems based on the nerve net have been designed and realized
  16. Then with her little scissors , by the aid of a pocket looking - glass , she mercilessly nipped her eyebrows off , and thus insured against aggressive admiration she went on her uneven way
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