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  1. This suggests coevolution of the cabbage aphid with its main food source.
  2. "Diaeretiella rapae " is a common wasp parasitoid of cabbage aphids.
  3. Myrosinase has also been isolated from the cabbage aphid.
  4. Like its main food source, the cabbage aphid compartmentalizes its native myrosinase and the glucosinolates it ingests.
  5. For example, some species of cabbage aphids ( like " Brevicoryne brassicae " ) can produce up to 41 generations of females.
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  7. Cabbage aphids, from the genus " Brevicoryne " of the family Aphididae, are grayish-green, but a waxy covering gives them a grayish-white appearance.
  8. When the cabbage aphid is attacked and its tissues are damaged, its stored glucosinolates are activated, producing isothiocyanates and deterring predators from attacking other aphids.
  9. The slate-blue aphids on nasturtiums are bean aphids, the whitish-green ones on kale are cabbage aphids, and the pale green ones on practically everything are green peach aphids.
  10. Mixed with phoxim, cypermethrin, beta-cypermethrin imidacloprid and deltamethrin, profenofos can be used against Cotton MealyBug, cabbage caterpillar, " Plutella xylostella " and asparagus caterpillars, as well as against wheat and cabbage aphids.


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