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  1. Oates went as far as to compare him to Cal Ripken Jr.
  2. THE ONLY WAY I KNOW, by Cal Ripken Jr . and Mike
  3. _Coke to feature Cal Ripken Jr . in a commercial ( Business)
  4. Cal Ripken Jr . breaks Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played.
  5. PHOENIX-Move over Cal Ripken Jr . and make room for Terry Labonte.
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  7. Oates also managed Cal Ripken Jr ., the Human Perfect Attendance Certificate.
  8. Shortstop Cal Ripken Jr . picked up the ball and threw home.
  9. Cal Ripken Jr . should simply keep doing what he always does.
  10. The BP shift changed, bringing Cal Ripken Jr . to the plate.
  11. Some players may feel worn, but then there's Cal Ripken Jr.
  12. Baseball's endurance king Cal Ripken Jr . is on the list.
  13. Yes, those kids are Cal Ripken Jr . and Wade Boggs.
  14. Bush gave Koizumi a baseball glove signed by baseball great Cal Ripken Jr.
  15. Cal Ripken Jr . : The thanks of a grateful nation.
  16. _Coke to feature Cal Ripken Jr . in a commercial . ( Business)
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