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  1. She was replaced in May by New Zealand comedian Cal Wilson.
  2. The weekly team captains were Cal Wilson and Toby Truslove.
  3. The show is hosted by comedian Cal Wilson, who occasionally gives subtle hints towards the crime.
  4. Comedians on the night included all the Cagers as well as Wil Anderson, Greg Fleet and Cal Wilson.
  5. Her 2006 show " Up There, Cal Wilson " sold out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
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  7. Holden's radio career includes co-hosting The Drive Home with Cal Wilson while regular host Akmal Saleh was sick.
  8. New Zealand's team, comprising Simon Peacock, Cal Wilson, Susan Fogarty and Greg Cooper, won the competition.
  9. In 2008, Kavalee joined " The Wrong Way Home " with Akmal Saleh and Cal Wilson on the Nova network.
  10. The ensemble cast include Rhys Darby, Cal Wilson, Tegan Higginbotham, Susie Youssef, Steen Raskopoulos, Bridie Connell and Tom Walker.
  11. The show has since experienced several changes of co-hosts Saleh co-hosted the drive shift with comedians Cal Wilson and Ed Kavalee.
  12. Behrendt's team, made up of New Zealand comedian Cal Wilson, English comedian Russell Kane and Behrendt himself, won the comedy event.
  13. Marney McQueen, Aidan Fennesy and Cori Hooper were also regulars in Series 1, and Damian Callinan and Cal Wilson were regulars in Series 2.
  14. Cooper also owes a lot of money to two mobster bookmakers named Charles Gwynn ( Harold Gould ) and Cal Wilson ( Dick Van Patten ).
  15. "' Cal Wilson "'( born 5 October 1970 ) is a New Zealand stand-up comedian and radio and television personality.
  16. In 2009, Ed Kavalee, formerly of " The Wrong Way Home " drive show with Akmal Saleh and Cal Wilson, replaced Tim Blackwell as silent anchor.
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