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  1. The city financed the stadium, and the other ongoing projects, through its capital improvement budget.
  2. He also championed the Arts and many ethnic civic and social service organizations in the State's Capital Improvement Budget.
  3. There is now a good chance a skate park will be near the top of Lenexa's capital improvement budget later this year.
  4. The project, he said, can be considered a maintenance item that can be funded from the city's capital improvement budget without council approval.
  5. Also, states and localities have about $ 1.3 trillion in debt in their separate capital improvement budgets, money borrowed to finance public works projects.
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  7. The Senate must return in a special session to approve the $ 543 million capital improvements budget, because it broke up without considering the bill.
  8. Also, states and localities have about $ 1 . 3 trillion in debt in their separate capital improvement budgets, money borrowed to finance public works projects.
  9. They commonly dedicate a percentage of their capital improvement budgets for artwork, so municipal plans for a street widening or new park will include some art element.
  10. Gaw said he and House Majority Leader Wayne Crump, a Potosi Democrat, discussed the possibility of a revolving fund for jail construction within the state's capital improvement budget.
  11. Some have suggested that part of that capital improvement budget could be diverted to pay for some maintenance work that is now financed with the annual operating budget.
  12. In its 2008 capital improvement budget proposal, the MTA pushed back completion of Phase 1 to 2015, and in 2009, the MTA pushed it back again to 2016.
  13. In he said he had been told that OMB had made a preliminary decision to wipe out the subsidies and instead use money from the capital improvement budget.
  14. Scott Milburn, Taft's spokesman, said that the governor hoped to have the plan approved by the end of the year because next year's schedule already is loaded with issues such as the capital improvements budget.
  15. Meanwhile, a preliminary report compiled in May by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio said AEP had skimped on its capital improvement budget and reduced tree-trimming in the past decade in its rural service areas.
  16. The aides said using money from the capital improvement budget rather than the operating budget would make it easier for the White House to balance its proposed federal budget but could create serious labor problems at Amtrak.
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