capital improvement fund造句


  1. Jones routinely pulled money from the capital improvement fund to cover expenses in the general fund.
  2. The airport recently received more than $ 400, 000 in airport capital improvement funds for the reconfiguration.
  3. Equally worrisome, airport operators are being encouraged to dip into their capital improvement funds to cover security-related costs.
  4. This forced the authority to take $ 100 million out of its Capital Improvements Fund in order to pay its debt to Petrobras.
  5. They must approve state expenditures of all general funds and capital improvement funds, excluding expenditures for the construction of state roads, bridges, and highways.
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  7. In the event funds are withdrawn, an additional amount equal to 25 % of the withdrawal must be transferred from the ATF to the County and Municipal Government Capital Improvement Fund.
  8. The city of Waco, which funded the $ 1 million construction of the original building in 1993, has set aside $ 100, 000 in capital improvement funds for the expansion.
  9. The state parimutuel tax would be lowered to 4 percent from 5 percent on bets, and the association could take a loan of $ 8.5 million from racing's capital improvement fund.
  10. "Appalling " safety hazards in New York and New Jersey train tunnels should become a top priority as Amtrak decides how to spend limited capital improvement funds, a government watchdog testified Wednesday.
  11. Yosemite Concession, which paid $ 62 million to get into the business, is obliged to pay about $ 100 million during its 15-year contract into a capital improvement fund for park repair and maintenance.
  12. His previous donations-- 19, 600 acres of his sprawling Grand River Ranch in 1994 and another 12, 500 acres in 1996-- were given quietly and jump-started the university's capital improvement fund-raising campaign.
  13. The project was funded from the District's $ 2.7 million Capital Improvements fund, which got $ 1.2 million when the district refinanced debt bonds issued in 2002 and 2008 and the interest savings was allocated to the fund.
  14. In an interview on Wednesday, Robinson said that the agency's renovations were part of a consolidation of operations, and the money spent on renovations could not have been used to prevent the layoffs . " It had no impact on employee salaries because it came out of capital improvement fund, " Robinson said.


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