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  1. The city's Public Transportation Commission is scheduled to revise its capital improvement program next year.
  2. The Board approves the County's operating and capital budgets and the County's capital improvement program.
  3. In 2007 the Express announced a capital improvement program to provide lights on Knights Field.
  4. In 1993, CSN adopted a capital improvement program, which was revised and extended in 1995.
  5. The building is 86 percent occupied and underwent a capital improvement program as recently as 1991.
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  7. Through special congressional legislation, the corps now manages the school district's $ 619million, six-year capital improvement program.
  8. Also tomorrow, North Carolina will sell $ 195 million of general obligation bonds for a capital improvement program.
  9. Runway 5 / 23 was closed permanently on May 4, 2009, as progress continued in the Capital Improvement Program.
  10. Most casino revenue is funneled into the city's capital improvements program for street repair, public parks and the like.
  11. NCRR's corporate capital improvement program is funded from NCRR capital funds generated through its freight agreement with Norfolk Southern.
  12. Today's expanded district continues to recognize these needs, while adding marketing, advocacy, streetscapes and capital improvement programs to its portfolio.
  13. But the extra revenues are needed to help finance the agency's ambitious capital improvement program over the next five years.
  14. On January 1, 1982, the MTA implemented the first of its five-year Capital Improvement programs to repair the existing system.
  15. He proposed a $ 1 billion capital improvement program for the public schools which the Council initially opposed, but eventually passed.
  16. In 2004, Waterside Management Company LLC launched a three-year capital improvement program with a cost in excess of $ 35 million.
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