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  1. These shifts are, incidentally, to be found in all economies with high per capital incomes per worker .
  2. As a result, real per capital incomes dropped in both latin america and sub-saharah africa between 1980 and 1983 .
  3. The analysis of capital income allotment of the educational share - holding system
  4. At present , the mid - income standard can be achieved at per capital income 10 - 40 thousand yuan of a family
    目前,可以以家庭人均收入水平1 - 4萬元作為確定中等收入者的標準。
  5. Investment is the action and process that investor put capital in certain areas and receive entity capital or finance capital income for making profits
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  7. On the other hand , the owner - occupied housing demand of an individual with a low non - capital income and a high bequest motive would be decreased
  8. If the future housing price is expected to rise , the owner - occupied housing demand of an individual with a high non - capital income and a low bequest motive would be increased
  9. This paper analyzes how inequality of labor and capital income influences persistent inequality in total income or wealth through the inheritance mechanism
  10. Venture capital is a business investment behavior to throw capital to the realm of the high and new technique development which contains big failure venture for obtaining the high capital income after success
  11. This index can be the gross national product , per - capital income , s & p500 , etc . the second chart will set up two portfolio investment models while not considering the transaction costs . in the first model , short selling is permitted
  12. The owner - occupied housing demand is determined by ( 1 ) the disposable non - capital income , ( 2 ) the unit cost of owning a house , ( 3 ) the expected resale price , ( 4 ) the weight of bequest function in the utility function
    自有房屋的需求主要取決于(一)可利用的非資本所得(祖先的遺贈金額加上恒常所得減掉最低遺贈限值) , (二)單位擁屋成本(當期房價加上預期的單位使用者成本) , (三)預期重出售房價, (四)遺贈函數在效用函數的權重。
  13. The effect of expected future housing price growth on housing demand depends on whether the individual ' s non - capital income can afford the following expected expenditures : 1 ) a certain proportion of the expected offspring ' s future purchase price of housing , and 2 ) a certain proportion of expected unit cost of owning a house
    我們發現預期未來價格上漲對當前房屋需求的影響取決于個人非資本所得是否變的有能力承擔兩項預期的任務支出: (一)負擔子孫的預期購屋價格的一定比例, (二)負擔個人凈預期單位擁屋成本的一定比例。


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