capital inflows造句


  1. Asian countries have benefitted from capital inflows and foreign direct investment.
  2. No need to worry about capital inflow-- paper, NATION
  3. Thus, Imports + Capital outflow = Exports + Capital Inflow.
  4. The measure aims to curb short-term capital inflows.
  5. This will greatly facilitate our negotiation and insure the new capital inflows,
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  7. The impact on capital inflow into China will be limited.
  8. However we do expect medium-and long-term capital inflows.
  9. It also results in the loss of needed capital inflow.
  10. Large capital inflows mean fewer policy mistakes can be afforded.
  11. Long-term capital inflows needed to shore up rupiah, JAKARTA POST
  12. We do not need such short-term capital inflows.
  13. Once confidence in the region returns, sowill capital inflow.
  14. Asia alone has received roughly half of this capital inflow.
  15. It is understandable that high interest rates will induce international capital inflows.
  16. Capital inflows to emerging markets will continue to slow, he said.
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