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  1. Soros acepto y le dio a Elsztain US $ 10 millones de capital inicial.
  2. With similar songs as Aborto El閠rico's repertoire, the Capital Inicial followed in their path.
  3. Dinho Ouro Preto, Capital Inicial, a famous Brazilian musician, has made several criticisms against Restart.
  4. She composed songs to be sung by Nico Rezende, Leila Pinheiro, Capital Inicial, critically acclaimed.
  5. The originally scheduled Brazilian acts were Gilberto Gil, Bar鉶 Vermelho, Lob鉶, Engenheiros do Hawaii and Capital Inicial.
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  7. In April 1985, Capital Inicial succeeded in having their " Descendo o Rio Nilo " included on the compilation Os Intoc醰eis ( CBS ).
  8. Former members of Renato Russo's pioneering post-punk band Aborto El閠rico teamed up to form the Capital Inicial, continuing to perform the same type of music.
  9. The city is also the birthplace of Brazilian rock and place of origin of many bands like : Legi鉶 Urbana, Capital Inicial, Aborto El閠rico, Plebe Rude and Raimundos.
  10. The film includes appearances by several Brazilian artists and bands such as Felix Da Housecat, Peter Sun, Gabriel o Pensador, Lulu Santos DJ Marlboro, Capital Inicial, Detonautas, among others.
  11. Its products are famous among Brazilian bands like Sepultura, Tit鉺, Paralamas do Sucesso, Natiruts, O Rappa, RPM, Pitty, Bruno e Marrone, Capital Inicial, IRA and many others.
  12. Soon after, guitarist Yves Passarel left Viper to keep his focus on his new band, Capital Inicial, a renowned Brazilian pop-rock band; his brother Pit also works with this band as a composer.
  13. Y aunque el precio real se promedia a 20 anos, para la mayoria de los habitantes de las areas rurales la falta de capital inicial para arrancar el proyecto y la escasez de credito son grandes obstaculos para el mercado.
  14. The MTV Brasil Unplugged format brought back to the mainstream some bands whose career had been mainly consolidated in the 1980s, like the Tit鉺 in 1996, Capital Inicial in 2000, Ira ! in 2004 and Lob鉶 in 2007.
  15. Two years after the release of this album, Dinho Ouro Preto, alleging creative divergences with the rest of the band, left Capital Inicial to pursue a solo career, and was temporarily replaced by Murilo Lima on the subsequent album.
  16. Los Hermanos received offers from independent labels, such as Trama and Deckdisc, however, the band secured a deal with BMG, which bought part of the catalog and brought the band as their artist, alongside bands such as Capital Inicial e Tit鉺.
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