1. The bases most memorable hangar ( Caquot ) was built in 1935
  2. The Caquot dock could then be used for the second.
  3. The leading French engineer Albert Caquot was also involved with the project.
  4. The Germans first developed the Caquot type.
  5. It was inaugurated in 1919 after a proposal by the celebrated aeronautics engineer Albert Caquot ( 1881 1976 ).
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  7. Designed and engineered by Albert Caquot, work started in February 1929, and final acceptance took place in 1933.
  8. He was presented with the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering in 1994, and the Albert Caquot Award in 2001.
  9. He was elected on 17 March 2006, member of the Acad閙ie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres at the chair of Andr?Caquot.
  10. President of the Soci閠?Asiatique and of the, Andr?Caquot was also general secretary of the " Soci閠?fran鏰ise d'histoire des religions ".
  11. Meanwhile, at the Florence Field site in May 1918, two soldiers were burned to death and thirteen seriously burned when a Caquot-type balloon exploded.
  12. "' Andr?Caquot "'( 24 April 1923  1 September 2004 ) was a French phoenician sculptures as well as on ancient Ethiopia.
  13. "' Albert Ir閚閑 Caquot "'( 1 July 1881  28 November 1976 ) was considered as the " best living French engineer " during half a century.
  14. Albert Caquot, the visionary engineer, was instrumental in the construction of the dam, designing an enclosure in order to protect the construction site from the ocean tides and the strong streams.
  15. The Caquot dock, in the Penho雝 Shipbuilding Yards in Saint-Nazaire, " Jean Bart " was under construction and expected to be floated out in late 1939-early 1940.
  16. Having retired in 1992, Andr?Caquot was invited, until 2003, to give conferences and seminars to the of the Catholic University of the West where his library and archives are now housed.
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