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  1. In 1983 the carbureted engine was replaced with throttle body fuel injection.
  2. This is normally seen in carbureted engines with many miles on them.
  3. Carburetor heat is applied to carbureted engines to prevent and clear icing.
  4. The displacement of the carbureted engines may be increased up to 1600cc.
  5. But the best-selling models at his shop are still carbureted engines, he said.
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  7. A related system, developed in parallel with MEMS, was fitted to carbureted engines.
  8. In a carbureted engine, it is found in the carburetor.
  9. The 2011 Sprint Cup season was the last complete Cup season with carbureted engines.
  10. Back then, cars were basically rear-drive, big, made of steel, and propelled by carbureted engines.
  11. Carbureted engines'exhaust raw fuel content tends to spike when the driver suddenly releases the throttle.
  12. Like many turbo-supercharging, the first flights were made with V-1710-9 carbureted engines that only delivered each.
  13. The most basic carbureted engines, such as venturi.
  14. The result is that pressure carbureted engines are fairly simple to operate compared to float carbureted engines.
  15. In 1988, the larger Mitsubishi carbureted engine was replaced with Mazda's more powerful, 2.6-liter, four-cylinder, fuel-injected engine.
  16. All Rebels came with a carbureted engine.
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