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  1. Effects of various growth factors on human mandibular condylar cartilage cell proliferation
  2. Effect of five species of epimedium on growth of cartilage and proliferation of cartilage cell in vitro
  3. Comparative study on proliferative efficiencies of relevant biological factors on articular cartilage cells cultured in vitro
  4. Isolation , purification and directed differentiation to cartilage cell of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by immunomagnetic beads method
  5. ( 4 ) specimens of the 10 femoral heads from patients suffering from osteonecrosis and osteoarthritis were studied histologically to observe the pathological changes of avascular necrosis of bone and the apoptosis of cartilage cells
    ( 4 )取缺血壞死型股骨頭和骨關節炎股骨頭常規作病理切片和細胞凋亡實驗,觀察其變化。
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  7. D - glucosamine hydrochloride can be used to promote the synthesis of cartilage cell protein polysaccharide , to increase the viscosity of the joint synovia , to improve the metabolism of the joint cartilage , to treat rheumarthritis effectively and to prevent human body from cholesterol store so as to ensure human beings healthy and guard humaan beings against ageing
  8. Last fall , for example , researchers from the massachusetts institute of technology and the technion - israel institute of technology reported generating tissues of neural , liver and cartilage cells , as well as formation of a “ 3d vessel - like network ” on a biodegradable polymer scaffold seeded with human embryonic stem cells
  9. Results : cartilage endplate in normal control group show lots of oval cartilage cells of normal structure , little cartilage cells of denaturation and compactness and regularity of collagen arrangement , and in the model group show lots of cartilage cells of denaturation and contraction , little cartilage cells of solution , loosing and irregularity of collagens arrangement and solution of lots of collagens


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