cartilage conduction造句


  1. Therefore, cartilage conduction it referred to as the third auditory pathway.
  2. Cartilage conduction has been considered for communicating with robots.
  3. Cartilage conduction can realize better communication than loudspeaker systems.
  4. The ear canal is not physically occluded by an earphone that operates via cartilage conduction.
  5. Currently, a cartilage conduction hearing aid is being developed by RION CO ., LTD.
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  7. Similar to the cartilage conduction smartphones, no sound is leaked from this type of earphone.
  8. "' Cartilage conduction "'is a pathway in which sound signals are transmitted to the inner ear.
  9. The cartilage conduction phone can also be used simultaneously with conventional air conduction hearing aids, which is good news for hearing-impaired people.
  10. Cartilage conduction can be particularly useful for patients with disorders of the outer ear, including aural atresia, where conventional air conduction hearing aids cannot be used.
  11. Because hearing contributes to language development, the practical availability of cartilage conduction hearing aids would be beneficial to children who suffer from disorders of the outer ear.
  12. The basic premise of cartilage conduction hearing aids is that cartilage located outside the ear canal is vibrated, such that the vibration can be transmitted despite the presence of any outer ear disorders.
  13. Recently, a smartphone prototype using the benefits of cartilage conduction has been manufactured by ROHM Co ., Ltd . This type of the smartphone provides clearer sound compared with conventional phones, even under noisy circumstances.


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