cartilage damage造句


  1. There was cartilage damage and there would be no football scholarship.
  2. I'm still limping from the cartilage damage ."
  3. Mike Ricci was recovering from surgery to repair knee cartilage damage.
  4. Gillespie, a junior, had cartilage damage in his knee.
  5. King was being treated for cartilage damage in his knee.
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  7. On Thursday, a magnetic resonance imaging exam revealed the cartilage damage.
  8. Fleschler, 27, underwent surgery to repair tendon and cartilage damage.
  9. Diagnosed with cartilage damage, she had to stay off her feet.
  10. Nieuwendyk left not long after Hatcher with cartilage damage in his chest.
  11. And can it help the thousands of young athletes with cartilage damage?
  12. Kalla has slight cartilage damage in left knee, the club said.
  13. But there is no cartilage damage or ligament damage.
  14. Davenport had surgery in January to repair extensive cartilage damage in her knee.
  15. Initial tests have shown no ligament or cartilage damage,
  16. Marrow stimulating techniques attempt to solve articular cartilage damage through an arthroscopic procedure.
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