1. Martin Cattalini also joined the squad, while Andrew Vlahov took over as captain.
  2. Martin Cattalini placed second in the NBL among scorers, behind New Zealand's Carlos Powell.
  3. In June 2009, it was announced that Cattalini would return to Perth, and again play for the Perth Wildcats.
  4. Australians Andrew Vlahov and Martin Cattalini and Canadian Rowan Barrett were ejected Tuesday as the sour basketball series hit another low note.
  5. Al Cattalini was filling up at a station in Rohnert Park when he was approached by a panhandler with an empty gas can.
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  7. Barrett and Cattalini were ejected for the fight, while Vlahov was also thrown out because he left the bench to get involved.
  8. Upon returning from London, Martin Cattalini departed Perth and signed with the Adelaide 36ers, seeking a bigger role and more playing time.
  9. In 2001, Cattalini left the 36ers to compete in Spain initially for Deportivo Baloncesto Sevilla and then Caja San Fernando Sevilla in 2002.
  10. Playing at guard in an experimental move by Barnes, Cattalini scored an equal game high 18 points and was impressive in his new role.
  11. The 2007 season saw Cattalini average a career high 24.4 points per game and he was instrumental in numerous victories for the Taipans.
  12. Cattalini returned to the 36ers in 2003 for two more seasons, before once again heading to Spain to play for DKV Joventut in 2004 / 2005.
  13. After a stellar NBL career in which he won 4 championships, Cattalini retired after playing in the Wildcats 2009 10 NBL championship having played 453 NBL games.
  14. Constant tension between the sides erupted late in the first half when Barrett and Cattalini tussled angrily after what seemed minimal contact as they were running down the court.
  15. Australia's NBA star Luc Longley led his team's scoring with 15 points and five rebounds while Andrew Vlahov had 13 points and Cattalini had 12.
  16. The Canadians had a 70-65 break with a minute on the clock before Boomer forward Martin Cattalini tied up the game with a desperate three-point shot.
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