1. Thanks to Linda Williams Cattanach of Blairsville for sending it in.
  2. Cattanach was also capped for his country at hockey and athletics.
  3. Cattanach is considered one the outstanding shinty players in history.
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  5. Cattanach states that genetic mutations occur all the time.
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  7. Cattanach has two more words of advice : " Have fun ."
  8. In 1873, Ross married Jessie Flora Cattanach.
  9. The driver underwent surgery, Cattanach said, while the woman was treated and released.
  10. Cattanach was born in Alexandria, Ontario.
  11. The recipe is inside, along with others from Geier and Brommer and Linda Williams Cattanach of Blairsville.
  12. Ross married Jesse Flora Cattanach and had four children : Dwight, Donald, Gertie, and John Hugo.
  13. Cattanach is a Boxer breeder and has been the breed's genetics adviser for more than 30 years.
  14. He articled with the firm of Crooks, Kingsmill, and Cattanach of Toronto and was called to the Windsor.
  15. Kerry Anne and Craig Melchior brought actions against, " inter alia ", Dr Cattanach for negligence.
  16. The National Portrait Gallery, London includes seven photographic portraits of Helen Cattanach taken by Bassano on 31 December 1976.
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