1. Sights in Barberino di Mugello include Cattani Castle and Palazzo Pretorio.
  2. Cattani's " radical adventure " also proved short-lived.
  3. The upshot was another party resignation for Leone Cattani.
  4. Cattani, of the attorney general's office, said Duarte had misspoken.
  5. From that point on, Judge Horacio Cattani began to accumulate cases about desaparecidos.
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  7. He was replaced by Luca Cattani, formerly chief scout at the same club.
  8. This evidence was used in the trial against the Juntas by Judge Horacio Cattani.
  9. Cattani had evidence that was described as " 40 square meters " in 1995.
  10. The main altarpiece was a " Santissima Virgin " by Costanzo Cattani.
  11. He is survived by a daughter, Sandra Cattani of Manhattan, and three grandchildren.
  12. Cardinal Cattani Amadori died from heart disease in Rome, at the age of 86.
  13. Many hotels were built by the families Cattani, Hess and Odermatt, pioneers of tourism.
  14. Cattani was the liberal representative on Ivanoe Bonomi's antifascist committee on 25 July 1943.
  15. The remaining 100 death row inmates in Arizona are not entitled to be resentenced, Cattani said.
  16. The theatre is the work of architects Valentine Fabre and John Perrottet, assisted by Alberto Cattani.
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