cattaraugus creek造句


  1. The south fork of the Cattaraugus Creek runs alongside part of the preserve.
  2. Part of the southern border is Cattaraugus Creek.
  3. The northern border of the town is formed by Cattaraugus Creek and Wyoming County.
  4. The south town line is defined by Cattaraugus Creek and is the border of Arcade ).
  5. Currently, the extent of steelhead migration up Cattaraugus Creek is limited by the Scoby Dam near Springville.
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  7. "' Cattaraugus Creek "'is a stream, approximately long, in western Buffalo into Lake Erie.
  8. A Boy Scout camp was formerly located near the confluence, and a cable car was used to cross Cattaraugus Creek.
  9. The sanctuary is located along the Cattaraugus Creek's South Branch, adjacent to the Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area.
  10. Divers have recovered the body of one of two whitewater rafters whose craft capsized Saturday on Cattaraugus Creek, state police said.
  11. In 1821, Erie County was created out of Niagara County, encompassing all the land between Tonawanda Creek and Cattaraugus Creek.
  12. Sunset Bay frequently floods during unseasonably warm winter days because of ice jams that form in the nearby Cattaraugus Creek as water melts.
  13. Cliffs near the confluence of Cattaraugus Creek's South and Main branches reach heights of up to when measured to the tops of nearby hills.
  14. If approved, the dam's lowering and the installation of a fish ladder would allow steelhead to move into an additional of Cattaraugus Creek and its tributaries.
  15. The region is bounded to the south by the Cattaraugus Creek and Cattaraugus County to the south, the Wyoming County, and to the west by Lake Erie.
  16. The outlet of Lime Lake flows north to Elton Creek in Delevan, which then continues north to Cattaraugus Creek, a west-flowing tributary of Lake Erie.
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