cattaraugus indian reservation造句

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  1. The Senecas migrated to the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in Southwest Erie County.
  2. Cigarettes are not taxed on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in upstate New York.
  3. At the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in New York, gasoline business has increased 10 percent in the last two weeks.
  4. He was a Seneca, born into the Turtle clan on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, located in western New York State.
  5. "We are a sovereign nation, " he said during a conversation in his office at the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, near Buffalo.
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  7. Tenz's body had been spotted earlier in the day by a pair of bird watchers walking along the creek in Hanover on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation.
  8. Its borders also run in a zig zag pattern to the south on Buffalo Road south of the New York State Thruway with the county's border with the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation.
  9. -After passing through the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, travelers come to Westfield, the original headquarters of the Welch Grape Juice Company, started in 1896 by Dr . Thomas Branwell Welch and his son.
  10. The mouth of Cattaraugus Creek on Lake Erie near Sunset Bay, New York, USA . The Cattaraugus Indian Reservation occupies the land on the north side ( upper in this photograph ) of the creek.
  11. The suspects allegedly bought low-tax cigarettes in North Carolina and untaxed cigarettes at the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in New York, then resold them at a substantial profit in Michigan, where tobacco taxes are vastly higher.
  12. Goose had been abandoned at birth and adopted by relatives, who soon returned her to the care of a grandmother on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in Erie County, N . Y . The hospital where she was born is closed, its records lost; her biological and adoptive parents and her grandmother are all dead.
  13. Brzana trained for the priesthood at the Diocesan Preparatory Seminary in Buffalo and Christ the King Seminary at St . Bonaventure University in St . Bonaventure, N . Y . Ordained in 1941, he was sent to the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation and in World War II served as a chaplain with the Ninth Armored Division, ministering to troops in the Battle of the Bulge.


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