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  1. The cavity preparation of a glass ionomer filling is the same as a composite resin.
  2. He researched many important topics to dentistry, including the cause of dental fluorosis and ideal cavity preparations.
  3. This is clinically known as pulp recession; cavity preparation in young patients therefore carries a greater risk of exposing the pulp.
  4. A rapid accumulation of pulpal DCs has been observed beneath cavity preparations, and an increased number of DCs accumulated under caries.
  5. In addition to developing a standard for cavity preparations, G . V . Black also experimented with various mixtures of amalgam.
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  7. Upon mixing of the material components, there is no light cure needed to harden the material once placed in the cavity preparation.
  8. Composite resins experience a very small amount of shrinkage upon curing, causing the material to pull away from the walls of the cavity preparation.
  9. Dentists use erbium, chromium : yttrium-scandium-gallium garnet ( Er, Cr : YSGG ) lasers for cavity preparation and in endodontics.
  10. Glass ionomer cements were initially intended to be used for the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth and were recommended for restoring Class III and Class V cavity preparations.
  11. Microleakage is the leakage of minute amounts of fluids, debris, and microorganisms through the microscopic space between a dental restoration and the adjacent surface of the cavity preparation.
  12. Generally, typodonts have replaceable, screw-in teeth that are composed of materials that allow students to drill cavity preparations and fill them with restorative material, such as bridges.
  13. "' Pulp capping "'is a technique used in dental restorations to prevent the dental pulp from necrosis, after being exposed, or nearly exposed during a cavity preparation.
  14. :: All of those are dental tools : Ultrasonic Scaling ( removal of calculus ), high speed handpiece : cavity preparation, air-water syringe : AKA tripple syring / triplex ( the little water gun / air gun ), alginator : A very expensive mixing bowl for mixing alginate ( the material used to take dental impressions ) .  Preceding talk ) 08 : 08, 27 September 2007 ( UTC)


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