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  1. Currently, there are three commercial airlines serving the area ( two year round, one seasonal ) : WestJet to Calgary, Envoy Air to Chicago and Sunwing Airlines to Cayo Santa Maria.
  2. The main center for tourists in Caibarien is " Los Cayos " ( The keys ) with such cays as Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Fragoso, Cayo las Brujas, etc . New Cuban reforms now allow Cuban citizens to enter the resorts and beaches that were once exclusive to tourists.
  3. WHR also manages : Warwick Dubai, 燱arwick Babylon Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, 燱arwick Doha in Qatar, a soon to be open Warwick hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as well as 2 major resorts in Cuba : 800 rooms Warwick Cayo Santa Maria and 443 rooms Naviti Varadero.
  4. The most precious jewels are Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria, renowned for their immaculate landscape of incredible beauty, with sugary-white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, fringed by autochthonous vegetation and connected to Caibarien, a small fishing town on the Cuban mainland, by a 48 km causeway stretching over the sea-accorded an international prize for its harmonious combination of nature and engineering in an area declared a World Biosphere Reserve-thus enabling visitors to access the cays directly from Santa Clara City, site of the international airport.
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