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  1. In 1925, Cecil Clementi became the 17th Governor of Hong Kong.
  2. Clementi was the son of Cecil Clementi and Marie Penelope Rose Eyres.
  3. The first governor to land there was Cecil Clementi, in November 1925.
  4. In 1889, the Sir Cecil Clementi Smith opened the new building said:
  5. Cecil Clementi returned to Hong Kong as governor twelve years later in 1925.
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  7. The Queen's Scholarship was initiated by Cecil Clementi Smith, Governor of the Straits Settlements.
  8. Sir Cecil Clementi had it refurnished for his use in 1925, and included a small safe.
  9. He left Hong Kong in April 1927 for London and his farewell gathering was attended by Governor Cecil Clementi.
  10. It is named for Governor Cecil Clementi Smith of the Straits Settlements ( former British territories in Malaya ).
  11. On 13 March 1885, Bland received the temporary appointment as the Acting Governor Cecil Clementi Smith's Private Secretary.
  12. In 1862 Tonnochy left India to work in Hong Kong's civil service joining other notable colonial officials like Cecil Clementi Smith.
  13. The new club was officially opened and renamed The Island Club on 27 August 1932, officiated by Sir Cecil Clementi, Governor of Singapore.
  14. The wedding took place at St . John's Cathedral, Hong Kong on 7 December 1929 and was attended by Governor Cecil Clementi.
  15. Sir Cecil Clementi, the then Governor of Hong Kong, lived at one of Chau's houses when he was a civil servant.
  16. Chau's portrait was unveiled at St . Stephen College by Governor Cecil Clementi and a tribute was paid at a ceremony on 3 December 1925.
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