cecil cooper造句


  1. Cecil Cooper is the only other Brewer to have done it.
  2. Cecil Cooper was named interim manager for the remainder of the season.
  3. Cecil Cooper and Tal Smith were named as interim replacements, respectively.
  4. Coach Burleson says he's the rebirth of Cecil Cooper . 3.
  5. Cecil Cooper of the Red Sox struck out six times in the game.
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  7. Among others, Cecil Cooper retired after just 16 games with the club.
  8. Brewers Director of Player Development Cecil Cooper said.
  9. The candidates are Willie Randolph, Bob Melvin, Cecil Cooper and Ned Yost.
  10. Manager Cecil Cooper and General Manager Ed Wade had a tough decision to make before the trip.
  11. He worked as their pitching coach in and, during Cecil Cooper's term as manager.
  12. The Brewers made it 4 2 in the fifth when Yount doubled and Cecil Cooper singled him in.
  13. With two out, Cecil Cooper hit a 2-run homer to put Milwaukee on the board.
  14. In 1954 he answered Bishop Alfred Cecil Cooper's appeal for Anglican priests to go to Korea.
  15. An RBI single by Cecil Cooper and a wild pitch brought in the fourth Cardinals pitcher, Jeff Lahti.
  16. During this last incarnation, stars included Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evans, Luis Tiant, and Cecil Cooper.
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